Firebase Setup for Chatty App

Chatty is Next Generation Social App built on top of Flutter, we use Firebase as a back-end for Chatty, currently Chatty use firebase auth, firebase cloud firestore database and fire base storage. We also working to integrate Admob, Analytics, Inapp messaging and Cloud Functions in Chatty App.

In this topic we cover basic firebase project setup, integrated our app with firebase, create cloud firestore database, set firebase storage and set some rules for database & storage.

So, let's start.

First of all create your firebase account and also open your Chatty project in Android Studio.


Now navigate to Create Project hit enter and write your project name


Enable analytics and go to next step

Chose default account or you can create separate analytics account for your project

So now we’ve created our project, move into your project and in develope section add new android app.

Enter you android package name, you can find it in your project's build.gradle file.

Write app nickname and enter your debug sha-1 key.

Go to next step for obtaining debug key.

To obtaon your debug ke, open your command prompt and enter this line.

keytool -list -v -alias androiddebugkey -keystore %USERPROFILE%\.android\debug.keystore

It will ask password, just enter. android

Whole bunch of lines appear like in screen shot, just copy SHA1 and enter in firebase setup page

In next step download your google-services.json file.

Go to Chatty>android>app and paste this file here.

Now skip all other steps.

Setting Sign Up Method

Go to Authentication>Sign-In-Method>Phone and click on edit,

Enable it and save.

Setting a Cloud Firestore Database

Now go to Database>Cloud-Firestore>Create-Database

Set Start In Production Mode

In next step choose suitable location for your database and create database.

It's time to set Storage

Go to Storage>Create simply next with default rules, in next step choose location and create storage.

So in this topic we set a basic structure of our firebase project. Let us know if you have some trouble in setting your project