Chatbot and People Nearby - Ideas, suggestions

I need a Dialogflow Chatbot Flutter (Android + iOS), with Firebase.
But I need the app to work for real people too

App features

  • Splash screen
  • Social Login
  • Chat (with bot and with real people)
  • Notifications
  • People nearby
  • Groups

Home screen (as in the attached image)

  • search field (by username)
  • and below, people nearby
  • and in the end, popular public groups

In the search, if the person types the username of a chatbot (such as support, quizz, entertainment, city_guide) then can add the bot. Each bot will have a different story.

I need to have an admin panel to add the bots and edit the questions/answers of the bots and view all conversations to improve the quality of the bot and the experience of the users. It can be directly in the Firebase/Firestore database or through the DialogFlow panel.

The bot sends a message (or a image) after the user sends his message, example:
user: hello
bot: Hi. What’s your question?
user: I want to know the list of restaurants in your region.
bot: The top 3 we recommend are A, B, C
bot: {image_restaurant-A.jpg}

If the user no longer responds, after 2 days the bot sends another message, example:
bot: Are you interested in knowing more options?

Then, the bot responds to inactive users after 2 days or instantly after the user sends a message.

And the bot can indicate other bots, for example:
Want to receive support and see more tips for using the app? Then add the user “support”. If you have a link or similar way to send WhatsApp contact, it would be really cool.

And if the user adds another bot, the bot’s messages will be different. Multiple bots are available, with different responses and chat profiles (bot user photo) and can the bot send text and photos.

Finally, if the user types the username of a person or friend, will add and chat with the real person (telegram clone) and be able to create groups with his friends (public or private), or add people (strangers) nearby (like dating app).

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Good user interface - Ideas

This is the list of chat users (contact list).

I am developing some more screens, as I finish, I will publish here as a suggestion of alternative skin to the app.

An additional idea for the future, once you implement the location feature to find people nearby, you can also add a feature to find local businesses nearby.

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Real People:


If the chat is with a bot, then question suggestions appear.
It would be interesting for the suggestions to follow a sequence, for example:

  • indicate a nearby restaurant
    – where is?
    – what is the average price?
    – what kind of food does it offer?

  • what are the best netflix series?
    – how many seasons does the X series have?
    ---- what is the average duration of each episode?
    ---- how many episodes does it have in each season?
    – which Y series cast?
    ---- do you have an interview with the actors?
    ---- do you have an interview with the director?

I think the fonts got big, because I imagine long texts (as I write), so visibility and usability would be bad. But I believe it’s just reducing the text size. I tried to get away from the traditional chat screens a little, but I couldn’t think of anything better. If anyone has any suggestions or innovative ideas here, they are welcome.
I will try to make better screens tomorrow.


  • Filter and order of messages (Most recent, Oldest, Popular, With media, Users Online, No answers, Read).
  • Added the option to view favorite messages and add contacts.
  • I also included the count of new messages and icons: sent, received, read
  • Green ball to indicate users online